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ATLANTIS Citrix Solutions


Announcing simplified, cost effective, scalable hyper-converged solution
for Citrix environments with Atlantis USX™

This exciting solution
has been verified as Citrix Ready on industry-standard x86 server
platforms and integrates with the Citrix XenServer open-source
hypervisor platform on a HyperConverged storage platform powered by
Atlantis HyperDup™ data services. This unique solution:

√ Provides the performance of an all-flash array
√ Offers the flexibility to deploy on any standard server hardwareIs cost
effective at a total infrastructure cost per desktop as low as $187 per desktop
(including the server hardware, local flash storage and Atlantis USX software
√ Delivers a rich application experience, outstanding performance and
optional 3D virtual desktops.

Atlantis Computing is the winner of the Best of Citrix Synergy
and Best of VMworld awards and offers the industry’s most flexible and
powerful software-defined storage platform.

Posted by rruttkowski / Posted on 15 Jun
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