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How to Improve SDS

ATLANTIS Computing – How to improve SDS!


Software Defined Storage (SDS) is one of the fastest growing segments in storage today. SDS reduces the cost of storage and improves flexibility by moving the storage controller functionality to low cost commodity servers in the form of software, rather than expensive, proprietary storage array hardware. This allows you to take advantage of the tremendous performance provided by today’s server platforms and as this is a pure software solution, is easier and cheaper to scale capacity and performance.
As powerful as SDS is, however, and it can be significantly improved by:

  • Leveraging hyperconverged architectures that provide an easy and elegant way to scale storage and compute performance together

  • Innovative solutions such as Atlantis HyperDup data services that provides in-memory deduplication and compression to minimize the storage required and speed response times

  • Leveraging low cost server storage rather than expensive enterprise storage systems

Atlantis has taken up the charge to harness software power to make storage easy, flexible and truly cost effective.



Posted by rruttkowski / Posted on 17 Jun
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