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IT Investment Decisions – fast and efficient

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Transparent IT Investment Decisions We translate technic in to business facts My IT infrastructure is available and stable – is there potential for improvement and can I prove it Communication is the key Innovations generate savings! Protecting your sensitive corporate information anywhere !!


Investment alternatives transparent for IT decision-makers


Purely technical implementation advice becomes less important, because technology for commodity or technical adjustment to the end customer is displaced. Part of the advice is – according to Forrester – run in the form of “trusted advice ment” for executives, which means that consultants converts to strategists . (Zitat aus CIO vom 21.03.2016 Christoph Lixenfeld „Consultants frustrated about digitalizing“)

IT investment decisions



We support decision-makers in discovering potential for long-term cost reductions in data centers to assess and then introduce the new technologies.

IT Value Consulting im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung

Our customers can communicate business-related benefits and thus better

connecting IT investment decisions with great benefits.



Business Value-Consulting

The technologie evaluation of alternative manufacturers today is much more difficult than it was a few years ago, since a direct comparison of price / GB is not an adequate measure more. Today, we use specially designed tools to ascertain from the values for capacity, deduplication, compression, agility, scalability, performance and complexity of operations, a transparent characteristic size for customers.




We offer innovative solutions in Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Hybrid Storage, BIG Data Analysis and cyber security of applications and documents(DRM) an.

Quotes and News

Return on investment (ROI) is the benefit to an investor resulting from an investment of some resource. A high ROI means the investment gains compare favorably to investment cost. As a performance measure, ROI is used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments. In purely economic terms, it is one way of considering profits in relation to capital invested.

Hans Schramm – Dell:

The trend is more flexible in direction of modular storage systems. Also Software Defined Storage and in the expanded form, the Software Defined Datacenter – and thus the hyperconverged solutions – play an important role in 2016. Furthermore, the Flash technology is increasingly penetrate the market capacity will rise and further prices fall. For companies, this results then various options to combine the solutions through a software construct – either from the direction of Software Defined Storage or by the use of intelligent software in evolutionarily advanced storage products.”

Dr. Georgios Rimikis – Hitachi Data Systems: “We see ten trends in three categories in 2015, all revolve around the roof on Business-defined IT. In convergence, automation and integration segment are: Software-defined storage and management automation and faster introduction of convergent platforms. Thanks to convergent platforms, which are integrated into all systems and the application stack, enterprise applications such as SAP HANA can introduce in a shorter time and thus achieve a faster ROI.Alles zu ROI auf Alles zu SAP auf

Through greater automation savings in resources and investments are also possible. Based on an intelligent orchestration layer an automated dynamic management of servers, storage and networking is possible that the workloads between private and public clouds distributed according to predefined parameters. These include cost, performance and location, and the appropriate governance guidelines. “

“Our infrastructure will focus on storage virtualization -.. obtained at both global level company so a single storage pool that spans multiple physical storage systems at different locations since the flood of data is to continue to grow, it is essential for companies to be loaded or get an overview where that information is stored and which copies there are always more intelligent flash modules -. the third trend in this area – can help to make the operation faster.

We also expect 2015 Solid State Drives (SSDs) are being replaced by Enterprise Flash modules. This flash memory has been developed specifically for enterprise requirements and are characterized by high performance, reliability and capacity. “

“The third segment of trends revolves around Big data, Internet of things (IoT), hybrid cloud and the so-called “data Lakes” for big data analysis. with “data Lake” accumulation of large amounts of data are meant. As with a pond can take samples from it, analyze accordingly and deduce recommendations for action . The data in the “pond” are static and can be stored for example in a public cloud.

This also applies to a large part of the data that will be generated for example by the Internet of Things (IoT) and analyzed with big data tools. Metadata should be encrypted and well protected behind the corporate firewalls. Therefore analysts as Tech Pro Response assume that 70 percent of all businesses eitheruse or already plan Hybrid Clouds .

The advantages of hybrid clouds are obvious: On the one hand, companies profit from the speed, flexibility and cost advantages of a public cloud. On the other hand, the hybrid model has the flexibility of a private cloud solution behind the corporate firewall.”

If you can trust a recent Bitkom study, then only 45 percent of German companies encrypt their data. This can go bad. At CeBIT in Hannover there are tips, information and solutions to enhance IT security in-house.

The industry association also found that not even every third company uses intelligent safety systems to protect against data leakage from the inside (so-called data leakage prevention) or intrusion detection systems for external attacks (so-called intrusion detection). A godsend thus for the next CeBIT in Hannover. It promises to provide education, advice, support and appropriate IT solutions.

Companies are satisfied with basic protection

Many companies would only be satisfied with a basic protection to secure their IT systems. CeBIT showed this from 14 to 18 March 2016, as companies can protect efficiently and what security measures are currently available.

In Hall 6, the fair organizers organized the theme “Business Security “. It was there was also the focus of “Research & amp; Innovation” instead. Here waited exhibitors with solutions for IT security code. In addition, several representatives were here from the security scene at the CeBIT Global Conferences Lectures in Hall 8. Lastly, there were the first held “European Cyber Security Conference” im NordLB-Forum. Alles zu Security auf

Cybercriminals are professionell

The German security situation report, recently approved by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) underlines the progressive professionalisation of cyber criminals. This has unfortunate consequences for companies: Due to the quality of the attacks, many attacks on corporate networks over a longer period remain undiscovered. Experts refer to this as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). According to BSI are just a few of these acts, such as the attack on the German Parliament in May 2015 known.Solid gains in importance and the protection of critical infrastructure in particular when they are based on IT technology – what they do increasingly.

CeBIT-Neuheit: Cyber Security Conference

Das Thema Netzsicherheit stand auch im Fokus der erstmals auf der CeBIT durchgeführten “European Cyber Security Conference”. Die Veranstaltung am ersten Messetag, Montag, den 14. März 2016, behandelte den Themenkomplex IT Sicherheit vor allem aus der Sicht der Wirtschaft, aber auch im Hinblick auf den individuellen Anwender.

Das Motto lautet “End of Naivety: End-to-end-Security is Executive’s Top Priority”. Am Vormittag präsentierten internationale Keynote Speaker die aktuellen europäischen Richtlinien zur Cyber-Sicherheit. Sie stellten ferner Zukunftsszenarien mit neuen Ansätzen und Kooperationen vor. Am Nachmittag standen mehrere Workshops auf dem Programm. Hierbei ging es unter anderem um Transparenz und Privatsphäre, ferner um die sichere Handhabung wachsender Datenmengen sowie schließlich um Sofortmaßnahmen für den Notfall.

Investitionsentscheidungen Investitionsentscheidungen Investitionsentscheidungen Investitionsentscheidungen Investitionsentscheidungen Investitionsentscheidungen Investitionsentscheidungen Investitionsentscheidungen